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How it all started

Our founder wanted to create a "one-stop shop" for cruelty-free, USA made, ethically sourced self-care and wellness products that are both hemp-derived and not.  Why?  The importance of knowing where your products are coming from, is growing each and every day.  B.R.G. Wellness is a place where you can go on our site, and feel confident about the products you buy without having to second-guess its authenticity as well as effectiveness.  


The focus behind the hemp-derived products came to fruition as our founder's life genuinely changed from incorporating the hemp-derived products into her life.  She has dealt with chronic pain for most of her life from a poorly healed fractured tailbone, knee surgery, and just overall wear & tear from years of sports, as well as suffering from IBS and insomnia.  She has taken medication for years, without feeling even close to 100%, but her life truly changed as she implemented hemp-derived products into her daily routine-she now feels better than she ever has and wants to share that feeling with others.  With that being said, she wanted to create a place where self-care & overall wellness meet in one place, for a true "one-stop shop". 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

Payment Methods
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