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Easily target problem areas with a roll-on applicator. Backed by modern medicine, the therapeutic properties of peony root extract and licorice root extract work in synergy with menthol and camphor to fight inflammation. *Certified by the Clean Label Project


Usage & Dosage: For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints.Apply generously to affected areas of the body throughout the day. Allow for complete absorption. Repeat up to 4 times daily as needed.

Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Roll On Gel

SKU: 0002
  • Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Menthol, Camphor, Achyranthes Bidentata Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Poria Cocos Extract, Ligusticum Chuanxiong Extract, Peony Root Extract

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